SOLS Policies



  • SOLS bookings operate on a month to month basis. SOLS will automatically rollover your booking from month to month.
  • Group infant and toddler classes are age-based classes.
  • Group learn to swim classes are ability based classes.
  • SOLS mobile season operates from 1st November – 30 March, with the exception for indoor pools which run all year round. (mobile only)

Visiting the SOLS facility

  • All signage around the SOLS facility must be obeyed.
  • Students must not enter the pool area until 10 minutes before their lesson time to minimise congestion and noise levels.
  • Anyone not complying with facility rules will be asked to leave the pool area.
  • Children visiting SOLS must be supervised by a guardian at all times unless the child is engaged in a class.
  • Due to limited space, we allow for no more than two viewers to be in the pool area per student.

Missed lessons / Catch up lessons

Catch up lessons are a privilege and are not provided by other extra-curricular activities. School of Little Swimmers reserve the right to deny any persons from having catch-up lessons if the criteria is not met.

  • If you notify us of your absence via the absence notification form (Hyperlink) on our website with over 24 hours notice you are entitled to a catch-up lesson.
  • While every effort is made to book a catch-up lesson SOLS cannot guarantee days, times and teachers to suit your preferences.
  • If you are unable to attend a scheduled catch-up lesson you will forfeit the booking.
  • You are responsible for booking catch-up lessons via our ‘Book a catch-up lesson’ form under the contact tab.
  • SOLS allows for one catch-up lesson owing, per student at any one time. In extenuating circumstances, where absences are consecutive SOLS will grant a maximum of two catch-up lessons if you are able to provide sufficient notification. You must call SOLS directly to arrange this.
  • If you are part of a semi-private lesson and are unable to attend your class SOLS is unable to provide catch-up lessons unless all students are unable to participate and appropriate notification of absences is received.
  • Catch-up lessons are only valid for 3-months and must be used while actively enrolled with SOLS.
  • Catch-up lessons cannot be used in lieu of payment.


  • SOLS is unable to provide refunds under any circumstances.
  • SOLS issues invoices in advance on a monthly basis. Invoices are emailed no later the 25th of the month.
  • SOLS uses a DDR payment system (IntegraPay) to process monthly payments.
  • SOLS reserves the right to cancel your lesson if your invoice is unpaid.
  • Public holidays are free from swimming lessons; we consider public holidays before sending out invoices.


  • SOLS reserve the right to use our discretion to modify, amend or replace, ‘SOLS Policies’ by posting them on our website, notice board and or email. Your continued attendance constitutes your acceptance of our policies, so please review them periodically for changes.
  • SOLS reserves the right to change class times and teachers were required.

Photos & Videos

SOLS may take photos and videos for the use of social media and publicity purposes. If you DONT wish for SOLS to take photos/videos, please notify in writing.


Enrolled families will be required to re-enrol twice a year, in February, for lessons, commencing in April and again in September for lessons starting in November. Re-enrolments are prioritised in the following order: 1. Same day for same time 2. Change of day 3. New customers.

Regulations for mobile lessons (swimming lessons at your home)

The safety and well-being of our swimmers and teachers within an aquatic environment are imperative to us. For the safety of our swimmers and our teachers it is the responsibility of the host to follow the below regulations:

  • Ensure that the pool and pool area are kept clean, tidy and safe for classes.
  • Ensure that the chemical levels of the pool are correct, please note that SOLS reserve the right to test chemical levels of your pool for the safety of our teachers and students.
  • We require your pool to be heated as follows:
    • For children under the age of 4, no cooler than 30 degrees Celsius.
    • For children 4 and above, no cooler the 27 degrees Celsius.
  • If the before mentioned standards are not achieved it is at the discretion of our teachers if the lesson/s will proceed.
  • Due to hazardous weather we may need to cancel/reschedule your lesson.
  • The pool area and students should be prepared no later than 5 minutes before the commencement of the set class time. Failure to be ready before the start of a class may impact on the length of your lesson.
  • In the event of an electrical storm or a severe weather warning lessons will be cancelled and pool areas will be evacuated if occupied. (applies to outdoor pools only)


If you wish to withdraw from classes we require one month’s notice via our cancellation notification form on our website.

Hygiene, Safety & First Aid

  • Our primary focus is the safety of our swimmers and teachers. Our teachers are medically fit and healthy to be working with our students in a 1:1: environment.
  • If a teacher were to become ill and requires emergency assistance, there needs to be a responsible adult to respond to the situation (mobile only).
  • Our teachers carry compliant first aid kits that meet Australian standards to your lessons for use in the event of an emergency, while swimmers are in the ‘care of’ a SoLS teacher (mobile only).
  • Our teachers have a duty of care which does not begin until the commencement of your lesson and ends upon completion of the lesson. Outside of this time, SOLS requires all children to actively supervised by a guardian.
  • Students are not to enter the pool until invited by their teacher.
  • For the safety of our swimmers and teachers, it is imperative that a guardian remain close to the pool area and does not leave the premises while a swimming lesson is in progress.
  • If a student is visibly sick they will not be allowed to participate in their lesson.
  • SOLS has ZERO tolerance for violence, verbal abuse or disrespect.
  • To maintain high hygiene standards SOLS requires:
    • All swimmers over the age of 3 to wear a swimming cap in the water, except for WetFit participants. Swimming caps are available to purchase from reception.
    • All students under the age of 3 years old or who are not fully toilet trained are required to wear a ‘Happy Nappy’ at all times; this is regardless of age and a requirement by SOLS. Purchase your Happy Nappy from our reception.
    • All participants to wear clean bathers or a designated swimming outfit in our pool.
    • All participants must shower before entering the pool to remove any loose organic matter from their bodies (dirt, sweat, dead skin, urine, faeces).
  • Any person that is not complying with these policies will not be allowed to enter the pool or be asked to exit.

*policies stating “(mobile only)” only concern clients that lessons in a residential/ private pool.