No child should miss out on swimming lessons! So often we hear stories of parents waiting for their child to choose when they are ready to start swimming lessons or wait till they start school for ‘school-based swimming lessons’. Waiting could be detrimental! Swimming lessons SAVE LIVES!

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Learning to be relaxed and comfortable in the water is the crucial first step towards learning to swim. The next step is learning about breathing and floating. None of these will be achieved correctly unless a swimmer is completely at ease. When a swimmer is not completely comfortable or relaxed in the water, breath-holding generally occurs, which creates muscle tension. This interferes with buoyancy, which makes everything harder!

Why are we sharing this with you?

We want to help your children learn to swim! Here at SOLS, we want to be known as the BEST SWIM SCHOOL in Adelaide! We teach our students with consistency, discipline and structure. You can support your child’s learning by applying the same consistency and structure outside of lessons. So by giving you these tips for basic swimming skills, weare giving you an understanding of how best to support your child’s progress.

This way, when your child has opportunities to get in the pool outside of their regular swimming lessons, you’ll be able to help them practice their skills correctly – after all, practice makes perfect!

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