Parent and Child Group Swimming Lessons

Water familiarisation and confidence

You’re only young once, give your child the gift of learning to respect the water.

Water familiarisation and confidence lessons are designed for young children or those that have had a bad experience in the water and need to regain confidence. 

School of Little Swimmers offers group lessons for infants, toddlers and preschooler’s in a warm indoor pool in Klemzig alternatively we offer private swimming lessons in your home pool. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers learn age-appropriate swimming skills and develop fundamental motor skills to provide them with confidence in the water.  

Learn, Develop, Explore

Our private and semi-private swimming lessons can be taught at our indoor swimming pool in Klemzig all year round or in your home swimming pool from November to March inclusive. For first time participants, your School of Little Swimmers private swimming teacher will conduct an assessment during the first swimming lesson to determine your child’s current swimming abilities to tailor a lesson plan to meet the needs of your child.

School of Little Swimmers is dedicated to giving every student maximum practice time, therefore, we require a parent or guardian to be in the pool where a group class is being held.

School of Little Swimmers has designed a program for small group classes held at our indoor swimming pool in Klemzig. We have designed a program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers from 6 months of age. Our program places an emphasis on being relaxed in the water and allowing children to explore independently in the magical world of water.

What to expect
You’re only young once, give your child the gift of learning to respect the water.

You will learn tips and tricks and ways to engage with your baby (6 months to 1.5 years approx.) in the water. This class will provide you with:

  • An introduction to breath control
  • Methods of how to hold your baby effectively in the water
  • How to be in tune with your baby
  • Aquatic reflexes
  • General safety and fun

This is a class for you and your child (1.5 yrs – 2.5 yrs approx.) to learn and have fun together. This class will provide you with:

  • Skill-based breath control skills
  • Tips and techniques to help your child move through the water effectively
  • Age-related activities that consider the following development areas: cognitive, social and emotional, relationships, verbal and motor skills.
  • General safety and fun

Your child (2.5 yrs – 3.5 yrs approx.) is at a stage where they want more independence in the water. This class will see your child moving independently through the water. You and your child will learn:

  • Submersion and breathing techniques
  • Techniques for independent propulsion
  • Self-rescue skills

Your child (3.5 yrs – 4 .5 yrs approx.) is now happy to move through the water with little to no support, they are able to jump in and float on their back and call for help. Before we introduce strokes you and your child will learn techniques that they can continue to practice for years to come. This includes:

  • Body position
  • Advanced breath control
  • Continuation of water safety


Your child (4.5 yrs – 5 yrs approx.) is now independent enough and has a basic knowledge of water safety. This is when you get to take a step back and encourage from the side of the pool. Your child will continue to develop previously taught skills as we introduce basic strokes, including Freestyle and Backstroke.