School-Age Group Swimming Lessons

Whether your child is in kindy or school, it is never too late for them to learn to be safe and swim independently in the water. We have developed a curriculum to ensure that our students have a solid knowledge of the foundation skills.

These skills are invaluable when learning swimming and water safety.

In providing several different levels, our 30-minute school-age group lessons aim to teach children progressively. We aim to teach children the following;

  • The importance of being comfortable, relaxed and safe in the water
  • Breath control
  • Buoyance and floating techniques
  • Propulsion through the water
  • Strokes

Our lesson times

SOLS will be offering school-age group lessons from Monday to Saturday. Available lesson times can be found in the customer portal.

Our Facility

At School of Little Swimmers, we boast a warm indoor pool.

Before you enter our pool area, you will find our waiting area where your family is welcome to take their time preparing for their lesson. By the side of our pool, we have large family change rooms so that you can always be ready to assist your child if they need your help. We have the perfect environment for children to learn to swim in and we make it as easy as possible, not only for your child but for you.