Private swimming lessons

With 41 children downing in Australia between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017, there is no doubt that all children need learn to swim lessons.

Learn to swim lessons are ideal for school-age children we teach water safety as well as the art and science of swimming. School of Little Swimmers teaches students correct techniques from the beginning.   

At our pool in klemzig or your pool at home

Our private lessons operate all year round in our warm and inviting indoor swimming pool in Klemzig!

The SOLS program allows students to develop their aquatic skills in a private environment and in the warmth of our indoor swimming pool.

School of Little Swimmers private swimming lessons are taught by qualified swimming teachers that tailor lessons to each child’s individual needs. Our classes are designed to challenge each student to reach their full potential.

The School of Little Swimmers program covers a full range of skills including water safety skills, and correct skills and technique.

Your child will learn:

  • About the importance of being comfortable and relaxing in the water
  • Breathing and buoyancy techniques
  • Floating and, gliding through the water
  • Propulsion through water
  • Survival strokes, and,
  • Competitive strokes

The School of Little Swimmers program is suitable for all abilities whether your child’s goals involve developing necessary swim skills or pursuing club swimming or becoming a swim teacher in the future.

For first time participants, your School of Little Swimmers private swimming teacher will conduct an assessment during the first swimming lesson to determine your child’s current swimming abilities to tailor a lesson plan to meet the needs of your child.