The SOLS Way

SOLS director and head teacher, Alice has over 15 years’ experience in the aquatic industry and has pursued her passion for working with children and teaching swimming.

“I started SOLS with a drive to offer high-quality swimming lessons, something that seems to be rare in the aquatic industry.” – Alice Lodge, Director.

Swimming lessons with School of Little Swimmers are the way learning to swim should be! Whether swimming at our Klemzig facility or in your home pool our classes are designed to build confidence and competency in all swimmers.

Our Klemzig facility offers small intimate classes free from the distractions that large swim schools have, expert swimming teachers, clean and hygienic facilities all in our heated indoor pool (33 degrees). All swimmers feel safe and at home as we join them on their aquatic education journey.
“the schools’ result-driven approach is very different from the what is used by most other swim schools in Adelaide. SOLS uses a scientific and personalised way of teaching swimming, which is bringing School of Little Swimmers to the forefront of aquatic education.”


All SOLS lessons are delivered in accordance with our ‘dynamic’ progressive program.

For first time participants, your dedicated swimming teacher will conduct an assessment. As students progress we record and acknowledge achievements by providing certificates and stickers. Our dynamic and progressive program guides swimmers through different stages as they learn about:

  • The importance of being comfortable and relaxing in the water
  • Breathing and buoyancy
  • Floating and, gliding
  • Propulsion
  • Survival strokes and,
  • Competitive strokes

Every three months SOLS will email a report to the nominated account contact outlining the pathway and achievements of our students.