Update from SOLS regarding Covid-19

Update from SOLS regarding Covid-19

Dear SOLS Families,

Update from SOLS regarding Covid-19

School of Little Swimmers has been vigilant and has been following the advice of health organisations regarding Covid-19.

As we all process the current circumstances, we would like to share some information about Coronavirus and swimming pools, to make you aware.

  1. Coronavirus is not transmittable in a chlorinated swimming pool. Chlorinated water, when kept at recommended levels, is an effective sanitiser for Coronavirus. SOLS will continue to maintain high water quality levels. As always, our pool water is tested regularly throughout the day. Your wholebody and every piece of equipment in a chlorinated swimming pool will be sanitised; as such, it is one of the most sanitised environments.
  2. As per health department advice, we have always maintained the protocol that anyone with cold and flu-like symptoms does not attend any activity with SOLS. This continues to be our protocol. We follow this same protocol with our staff to ensure that no one’s health or safety is compromised.
  3. We have reviewed all our cleaning procedures, and our facilities are now receiving more regular sanitation.

We have reviewed, and are continuing to review, our incident response plans which we share with you:

a. Facility changes:

i. Toys, books and puzzles have been removed from our play areas and will not returned until further notice.

ii. Some equipment has been removed from our pool area and will not be returned until further notice.

b. Lesson restructures:

i. Private lessons will be our preferred method of delivery. We are now working towards offering all SOLS families participating in group lessons, private lessons in replacement.

c. Sanitation:

i. We have provided hand sanitiser in the following locations:

i. The sign-in station in the sign-in / front room
ii. The walkthrough room to the pool room.

ii. We have provided spray bottles containing disinfectant and paper towel in the following locations:

i. The baby change tables
ii. The walkthrough room to the pool area

We have provided these for your use. Feel free to wipe down any surfaces before and after use and sanitise regularly.

d. Isolation/medical clearances:

i. Anyone experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to notify us of your absence.
ii. Anyone that has travelled we ask you to inform us as quickly as possible and withhold from coming to our facilities until the relevant quarantine period has completed.
iii. Anyone that has experienced cold or flu, including Covid-19 symptoms, will need to provide a medical certificate before returning to our facilities.

e. Site closure:

i. If a person tested positive for Covid-19 enters our facility will close immediately. Our facility will be subject to a thorough clean and will only reopen when safe to do so.

We have a duty of care to you, and we require the same care taken in return, we ask you to be vigilant and respect all other SOLS family members. Again, please ensure that you do not attend classes if displaying signs of illness or have travelled in the last 14 days.

Your cooperation at this difficult time is appreciated.

Kind regards,

Alice Lodge
Managing Director
School of Little Swimmers

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